In this perverse generation, one of the most difficult things to do is remain a godly woman. It is very difficult because you would be abstaining from things that people term as normal. A godly woman aims to please God in whatever she does.

A godly woman is expected to be holy and pure in anything she puts her hand to, including her lifestyle. She must not behave like women who misbehave on social media platforms. Because, it is not what God requires that she does.

First off, one of the importance of being a godly woman reflects in the type of home she breeds. A godly woman alongside with her husband, who is expected to be godly, would raise godly children and a godly home. There will be peace in the home, and the core focus of the family would be to fulfill God’s purpose beyond all odds.

The godly woman is in charge of her home, responsible for the spiritual warfare, and being a good helpmeet for her husband. She is expected to hold the reins of leadership when her husband is not available, and her children are expected to emulate good behaviors from her.

Also, godly women are expected to serve as a model to younger women. The way a woman dresses has a lot to say about her personality.

A woman who is godly would not dress provocatively in a way that would make other men lust after her. Godly women are expected to wear clothes that would allow them to cover sensitive parts of their body.

The words of a godly woman is always taking seriously because it is believed that she hears directly from God.

This is very true because, the godly woman is someone who communes with God daily. She commits her affairs into the hands of God, and he responds by sending light her way, that would act as guidelines.

To wrap it up, godly women show Christ’s character; a whole lot of people are looking up to her and she must not disappoint them.

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