Being a godly woman in this ungodly world is no easy task, however, it is necessary that we put in much effort to stand out in this generation, as people who God would be proud of.

Being a godly woman, is one of the major expectations which are required of Christian women, that there is a need for them to be holy and pure in the sight of God. For instance, taking a look at women who expose more flesh on social media platforms, and the media world in general, that is not what God wants for his children, particularly his daughters.

Such acts are often known to cause immorality, and it is something which spreads like wildfire in our world today. To be different from people who commit such acts, it requires a lot of strength, faith and resolve.

The first step in being a godly woman, is in our dressing. It is required that godly women dress well and not provocatively. Our dressing speaks volumes of our character.

A woman who wears a miniskirt and a top which reveals her abdominal region, would most likely be regarded as an immoral woman. Godly women should not be a part of this, as they are a special breed of people.

Also, in speech and conduct, a godly woman must stand out. The way we speak and act around people says a lot about who we are. We should not be proud in our speech and actions. We should also not use words which do not glorify God. People look up to us, and judge us by the way we speak.

As a matter of fact, for the younger generation, they tend to pick up things so fast and hence, there is a huge tendency that they could take after you in your speech and your conduct. Therefore, godly women have to put efforts into ensuring that they are women who are worthy of emulation.

In marriage as well, a godly woman needs to reflect the character of Christ, as she would be a model to her husband, her children, her neighbours, and women like her. There are a lot of people looking up to God through her, and it is up to her to ensure that she does not disappoint God.



Basically, according to Christian faith, a virtuous woman is one who is known to be upright and having a noble character, alongside having admirable qualities. The Bible poses a question, asking if such a woman can be found. Looking at the story of women in the Bible, only a few have measured up to the expected standard. Hence, in our churches and believers’ gatherings today, people particularly women, are always encouraged to strive and measure up to the standard of a Virtuous woman.

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From the Bible, the following are features of a Virtuous woman:

  • Her husband treasured her: Taking a look at the Bible, notably the book of Proverbs, it can be seen that the woman talked about, had a blissful marriage and a wonderful home. Her marriage did not hit the rocks, and she was treasured by her husband because she had three outstanding qualities namely: Her trustworthiness, her affection and her influence.
  • She exhibited full-scale capability: The book of Proverbs shows that she was a woman who was very capable, as she was able to effectively manage the affairs of her home. This particular chapter mentions that she was very industrious, she was prudent, and she exuded great energy, which was evident in the day she managed the resources of the house.
  • Her children loved her: For a woman to be loved by her children, it implies that her deeds have been worthy of emulation. Proverbs tells us the reason why her children loved her: She was loved because of her thoughtfulness, as she always thought of others before herself. Also, she was known to be a disciplinarian, alongside exhibiting wisdom in the process.
  • She exhibited generosity: For those who lived around her, the Virtuous woman ensured that she showed practical Grace as a Christian. She exhibited Charity to the needy, she looked after them well. She was also very generous, as she gave anything she had. She also went lengths to delivering alms herself, which is a practical way.
  • The Lord was pleased by her actions: Wrapping up the concluding chapter of the book of Proverbs, it was said that she was pleasing to the Lord. She made efforts to please the Lord, as she was endeared to obey him.

Value In All

First and foremost, Luke 12:6-7 (ESV) reads as follows; “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Why, even the hairs on your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows”. In relation to the verse above we see Jesus at the forefront of the crowd-which includes his disciples-speak on the things of God. In doing so, he both uplifts-and encourages-thousands by reminding them of their worth, in the midst of how not to be fearful.

It is through his presentation before many, that his care is exemplified simply through his words. For, nowhere does the passage prior-in Luke 12:12-say, “when so many thousands of men had gathered together,” or “when so many thousands of women had gathered together”. It says, “when so many thousands of the people”, for God’s people are all. Man or woman, poor or rich, young or old, crippled or in good health, black or white, etc. each holds great value in the eyes of God because each is called to do something great if he/she puts his/her trust in God.

Furthermore, Psalm 139:1-3; “O Lord, you have searched me and known me! You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar. You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways”. In turn, God knows each and every one of us better than we know ourselves, and sees value in all of us. He has our path paved out,  and even though we may have trouble seeing the road ahead, and/or the future, in the midst of a fog filled vision, he places value in each one of our steps. Not just in our lives, but in the lives of others we cross paths with.

In conclusion, God sees worth in all of his children, and knows everything about us. Every heartbreak or smile, every circumstance and situation that makes us happy or sad, and everything else that lies beneath the surface. As a result, anyone has the ability to impact the world, and each one in a different way. That’s why it is of great importance that both genders understand their worth and value in the sight of God. For, his role for them is greater than the role that society tries to force on them.

God’s Purpose In Women

Oftentimes-as we live our lives day by day-many of us find ourselves experiencing a series of memorable moments, but with each comes times of trial to contrast. For, as women, a thought might present itself within an instant-whether it be through a discouraging situation, mistake, disagreement, etc.-which can then cause us to harmfully question ourselves, and/or see ourselves as the world sees us.

In turn, if we are unaware of the amount of value that we hold through God’s eyes-which can be distinguished throughout the bible-then we may begin to be swept up by that of our own insecurities, or what society says we are. Fortunately, countless scripture illustrates the value of women-as well as God’s purpose in their lives-so that when they begin to question whether or not they are good enough, they are reminded by him of just how much they are.

First, she is beautifully made, for she is a creation of the most high. “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well” Psalm 139:14 (ESV). She wasn’t just thrown together on a whim, but crafted wonderfully by the one who knows every detail, and who has a purpose for her life far greater than her own.

Second, she is strength. “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come” Proverbs 31:25 (ESV). For, it is through such that she finds herself blanketed by her faith, with God serving as her anchor. He carries her during the times when her feet begin to fall, and strengthens her in the midst of weakness. She feels as though her ship is sinking, or as though she might drown due to all that’s weighing her down, but then suddenly she remembers how her God holds a beautiful future for her right in the palm of his hand.

And lastly, she is valued. “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns” Psalm 46:5 (ESV). She knows her God, and knows he’ll come to the rescue every time-and that the restoration and healing that took place within that of her past, will be repeated once more. For, her God is merciful. She knows that she is valued, and finds favor in his eyes, as he comes to her aid. He leads her away from what may have once been seen as a helpless situation, and through him she’s immovable.

What It Means To Be A Proverbs 31 Woman

As we are forced to engage/interact with that of our modern day society, it can oftentimes be disheartening to see the way that the changing world around us impacts/influences the actions of various individuals-including those that surround said individuals-and sometimes even ourselves. For, those who have love for God find it difficult to see those push him away, in exchange for the things of this world. In response such sorrow can be suffocating at times, as the enemy tries and uses such sadness to destroy the joy of christian woman.

In turn, it can be challenging for women to endure the day to day, without having first established a relationship with God-for, it is through faith, and his word, that they are able to discern right from wrong. We see an example of this in one of the most well known scriptures-Proverbs 31-which explains the characteristics of a woman who fears the Lord. This can help women to be strong leaders, and bring others to Christ-as they stay on track in their relationship with God, in the midst of a world that tries to rip him away.

First and foremost, we see in verse 10 (ESV) that “she is far more precious than jewels”. She is worth more than material items, and as a result no one can put a price on her because she sees her worth in God’s eyes. She knows that she is precious in his sight, and even as the world tries to destroy her image, what her creator says of her remains true. For, He is a God of truth more perfect than that of man, and it is through her faith, and his consistency, that she is reminded of just how valued she is in his sight.

Second can be seen in verse 20 (ESV) which goes to say, “She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy”. In turn, she does good unto others, and others can take heart in her good deed, as she outpours kindness-doing things in love, and not for gain, and/or reward. “Her lamp does not go out at night…” Verse 18 (ESV), for she shines bright, and serves as an example for all to see.

In conclusion, a number of qualities can be seen in a woman such as this, and even though I’ve only listed a couple above, there are several seen within line after line of Proverbs Chapter 31. In turn, it is through these verses that women are reminded of what God sees in them, and who they are in Christ. It is then that they can further grow in their relationship with him, as well as all that he has called them to be, by reading such truths, and speaking them into existence.

The Truth about Feminism

feminism truthFeminism carries a certain bad reputation with it, and the church community feels no different. When feminism first emerged as a social movement in the 1960’s, it came with displays of anger and resistance. The term feminist quickly became connotative with the idea of angry women or of women who wanted to emasculate men. Although one can find these types of personalities within feminism, this is not the official or academic representation of feminism. The truth about feminism that needs to be embraced is that feminism in its true form is the same thing as masculism and humanism: they are simply movements that promote equality, rights and dignity between men and women.

Feminism in its truest form simply promotes equal treatment of all people regardless of gender. It calls for the ethic of assessing people based on their qualities that are not related to their gender, such as their intelligence, altruism, talents and inherent strengths. It calls for society’s evolution out of the use of gender roles so that every person can feel as free as they need to live their life organically instead of to suit a preconceived role. The patterns of history of most global cultures favor patriarchy, and feminism brings awareness to why patriarchal systems are incorrect.

Feminism within the Christian church is a complicated matter because the bible does unarguably assign some basic gender roles. Apart from the obvious heterosexual stance that the bible takes, it also discusses a woman’s need to feel valued by her husband and a man’s need to feel respected by his wife. With feminism aiming to break down gender roles such as these, it may seem that feminism has no place in the church, but this is not the case. There are many ways that the bible supports the principles of gender equality, which can be observed in verses such as “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” as well as the depiction of Godly women being those who took active roles in their faith and within ministry rather than deferring to men.

Jesus’ Confidence in Women

Jesus and womenSociety at large has had a historically difficult time determining appropriate gender roles. History would show that societal constructs tend to favor men. Many people actually use the passages in the bible to try to validate why men should have dominance over women. They site verses like “Wives, submit to your husbands” and women as vain to illustrate this notion. However, anyone with an education in theology and biblical scholarship knows these notions are ridiculous. One only has to look to the way Jesus regarded women to know where their value truly lies. The bible is full of interactions with and conversations about women that Jesus had, and they do not indicate any type of misogyny whatsoever.

The second most famous woman in the bible, second only to Jesus’ mother Mary, was Mary Magdalene, who was a prostitute. Mary Magdelene was one of Jesus’ closest confidants. She traveled with Jesus to receive and participate in his ministry. Jesus showed her kindness when members of her society did not, and because of that, she became a God fearing woman and respected his teachings as truth. Jesus loved and respected Mary Magdalene, and treated her as one of his disciples.

The Syrian woman at the well who Jesus spoke to is another example of what Jesus thought of woman. It was breaking severely from Jewish tradition for Jesus to speak to her at all. Jewish tradition dictated that men and women should not speak in venues such as drawing water from wells, but for a Jewish man to speak to a Syrian woman was particularly unacceptable as they came from opposing cultures. Jesus did not abide by the gender roles of Jewish culture, and exemplified graciousness and respect toward women in doing so.

Another example of Jesus’ respect for women can be seen in his friendship with the sisters Mary and Martha. When Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead, he accepted the hospitality of Lazarus’ sisters, Mary and Martha. The sisters had very different personalities, but Jesus respected each of them. Martha was bossy and stressed out toward he sister, and Jesus gently corrected her, pointing out that Mary was devoting herself to his own teachings, which was commendable. He did not speak down to either woman, but regarded them as peers.

Wives Submit to Your Husbands

wives submitOne of the most commonly misinterpreted verses in the bible is Ephesians 5:22, “Wives, submit to your own husbands.” Historically, this verse has been skewed in favor of misogynistic ideals to support husbands in the seat of absolute control over their wives. This ideal has been abused heavily during several different periods of history, which most of us are already familiar with. During the second half of the 20th century, as misogynistic ideals gave way to feminism and equal rights movements, this notion was held under heavy scrutiny, and it was found by scholars and theologians alike that this verse was actually speaking of a reciprocal treatment.

The full verse goes on to describe that a husband and a wife must submit to one another. The bible describes the relationship between a husband and a wife as one where each partner must fulfill the other’s needs. And although they are different types of needs, they are equally valid and equally protected by God’s plan. Outside of a husband and wife relationship, men and women are described in the bible as both having equal access to God. Men and women both have a full identity in God outside of marriage. When marriage is added to the situation, and a husband and a wife naturally come to one another to have certain needs met, their needs are similar but not at all identical.

The bible describes women as needing a significant amount of affection and protection from their husbands. The bible mentions nothing about women needing men to do their thinking for them or to make them whole as people in anyway. They need affection because they have a need to feel adored and precious to their husbands, and they need protection as an extension of that affection, to know they are so loved by their husband that he would lay down his life for them. Reciprocally, men need to feel that their perspectives, contributions, hearts and minds are respected and cherished by their wives, which allows them to properly care for their wives by knowing they take their perspectives seriously.

Gender Roles in the Bible

biblical gender rolesThe bible is frequently sited by Christians as a depiction of what gender roles were meant to represent. The bible is full of not only examples of men and women interacting under God’s plan, but also scripture about what men and women should be to one another. The more narrow-minded faction of people who live by scripture do so ignorantly, without understanding its meaning. They refer to biblical principles that have been skewed in favor of some kind of bias in order to perpetrate a gender role that comes from their personal culture instead of the bible. Upon examining what is true and what has been skewed, one comes to a much clearer picture of what gender roles in the bible look like.

The lie that the overbearing, dominant and largely misogynistic culture in North America would have people believe is that the bible supports the notion that men are greater and women are lesser. People who hold this notion to be true manipulate verses in the bible to inform others that women are vain, mislead and impressionable, and must therefore submit and defer to men in all situations. Many cultures, both contained to North America and across the globe, have found ways to try to validate this sentiment through use of the bible.

However, when one takes a scholarly look at the content in the bible, one will find a very different set of values described there. The writers of the bible esteemed women, not for being good wives, but for being faithful servants of the Lord. The bible is full of examples of Godly women who took steps of courage to defend God’s commandments, to other women, to the public and even to (gasp) their husbands. These examples do not portray a man knowing best and a woman following his direction. They depict women with hearts and minds that belong to God and serve as examples to all people, regardless of gender, of how to walk in faith.

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